Strategy Consulting
Our consulting services are targeted for organizations (private and nonprofit) that have a social purpose. We help organizations take a business-like approach to generating and sustaining a balanced income stream. Our objective is to enable clients to recognize their most important challenges and opportunities then create and implement with them strategic solutions to address them. While we strive to leverage the best practices of the corporate sector, we are sensitive to the unique needs of the social sector and realize that for strategies to be successful, operations and implementation are key; therefore we offer hands on support and mentoring as well as producing detailed, well researched consultancy reports, as appropriate.
Our team is made up of management, business and communications professionals, who have an in-depth understanding of the issues around social enterprises, as well as practical experience in running and growing social enterprises. We are able to draw upon best practice from different sectors as well as the experience and expertise of our corporate partners and government.

We are specialists in:

  • Creating and operationalizing social enterprises
  • Developing sales strategies for social enterprises
  • Managing growth orientated entrepreneurial strategic and business planning
  • Creating and managing corporate partnerships and social investment strategies

Market based research & intelligence
Our research provides appropriate market insights for businesses looking to enter a new market, customer satisfaction, establish competition levels, brand presence or those looking to develop new products in our field of specialty.

We offer also the following services:-

  • Data collection – both field and desk
  • Data capture and entry
  • Data analysis

Capacity Building
One of the key ways to ensure there is meaningful development within communities in Africa is for organizations to implement sustainable programmes. This can be achieved through training and mentorship of resource persons within these organizations.  Our team offers training as a framework for helping nonprofits strengthen their social programmes and operational efficiencies.  We offer training tailored to help improve performance of sales teams and penetration of new markets for social enterprises.
We also offer mentoring programs for staff to allow them grow into positions of leadership on projects. We also offer capacity building and technical assistance in financial and project management.

Business Support Services
We understand the challenges that startups and other businesses face when setting up operations in new countries; we currently offer the following support services to organizations that are setting up in Kenya;

  • Business setup services such as company registration, PIN application, opening bank accounts, obtaining licenses etc.
  • Local sourcing of organization’s assets such as furniture, vehicles, office equipment etc.
  • We also assist with recruitment of initial support staff and offering them training
  • Identifying suppliers and negotiating working contracts with them and handling their payments whenever required.
  • We also offer you outsourced administration and office operations services until internal capacity is built to take over.