Project design
All our projects are strategically designed on the basis of thorough research. By collaborating with research institutions and through our own market research we are able to make informed decisions about relevant and feasible projects in the local context. We strategically advise our clients about their social investment programs in order to have highest positive impact in their communities.

Project Oversight, Management & Implementation
We help both corporate and individual clients succeed where most often fail – in implementation and execution of projects. We offer advice on and oversee  local project initiatives so that our clients realize their goals and sustain them efficiently, cost effectively and on time.
We also implement projects on behalf of organizations with no local office representation and need projects to be undertaken locally with assurance of quality standards. During project implementation, our processes and procedures enable, enhance and ensure that project performance achieves expected development impact.

Community Mobilization
We assist our social investment clients to mobilize communities at grass-root levels and involve them in project based activities. Our field office teams therefore work in collaboration with local elders/leaders and local authorities to identify communities for specific project interests. Activities involved in community mobilization include beneficiary identification, beneficiary selection, community orientation, community education and field assessment.
We employ a participatory approach where all stakeholders including local communities, local leaders and local authorities are involved from project conception to project implementation. Currently, we are focused on development of rural and urban communities in Kenya, with particular interest on empowering women and youth in the sectors of renewable energy, social enterprise development, clean water technologies and community education.

Community Project Linkages
Addressing social and environmental challenges is a tough job for a single organization. We help our customers establish partnerships that directly support their own business and corporate social investment or responsibility challenges. We facilitate the establishment of close relationships with businesses, non-profit organizations with similar goals to jointly develop and deliver sustainable social initiatives for communities.
Often there are individuals or organizations such as schools, clubs, nonprofits or corporate organizations that have established emotional ties with communities in Africa and would like to give back in some form. We offer our support by linking them with communities whose challenges are relevant to their cause and are also able to facilitate implementation of social projects to support them.
Project Evaluations
In order to ensure positive social and economic returns on project investments, we offer independent project evaluation to establish whether funds have been utilized as required and offer remedial solutions to ensure success of projects. We therefore design data collection processes that help to ensure that projects are meeting targets and measuring their successes including monitoring and management plans. In addition we assist in preparation of social sustainability reports for completed projects.
In order to ensure donor money is used effectively and on projects that truly benefit communities, we carry out assessments on behalf of donors so that deserving cases receive funds. We also follow up to ensure that funds received are utilized effectively.