Brighter Life Initiatives
Brighter Learning
Part of our own designed social initiative that addresses educational and environmental conservation challenges is a programme known as Brighter Learning where we work by creating linkages between organizations and school going children in rural areas who require support with their studies. With this initiative an organization or individual can support pupils from public primary schools across the country to overcome various challenges they face such as availability of study materials, solar lights and sponsorship for very bright and needy students.
Individuals and corporates are encouraged to get linked to a school that they can support with this initiative.  To encourage accountability, we will send you a report with the names and details of students and schools that have received a solar light.
Our goal is to empower 1,000 students in the next five years and give them a chance to perform better at school for a brighter future and life

Brighter Living
In many rural communities, women and children walk for long distances in search of water, a basic life necessity for their families.  The daily search for water takes up most of the time in a day for a woman and not much time is left for them to engage in gainful economic activities.
In addition, lack of adequate sanitation is also a major challenge facing communities with women bearing the biggest brunt that makes them feel less dignified. Lack of privacy, especially for women and girls causes most to drop out of school when they reach puberty.
The dual aspects of the water crisis – lack of water and of sanitation – lock women in a cycle of poverty and our aim is to create linkages with donors that can support intiatives by such women to uplift their lives.
Our current project is in Busembe Village of Busia County in Kenya, where we are working to build at least 5 community water points nearer homes to minimize walking distances in search of water and build decent toilets for 50 homes.